5 Critical Factors to Buying a Truck Scale (Video)

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Why buy your new or used truck scale from Truckscale.com

We’re able to offer low prices, shopping convenience, timesavings, and easy payment options. With Truckscale.com, you can easily compare scales while viewing a full range of products. Truck scales are used all over the world by businesses both large and small. The most common use of a truck scale is to determine the weight of bulk goods being bought and sold in truckload-sized quantities. In those cases, information sourced from the scale is a crucial component of the business transaction.

Regardless of industry, truck scales are important to the daily operations of many of the facilities that use them. They also have a relatively long useful life, which means that selecting a truck scale is an important decision—one that can benefit (or burden) its owner for decades.

Our team of industry experts will help guide you through the process of selecting and implementing your new or used truck scale so that you can continue on with your important operations as soon as possible. Truckscale.com can assist individuals or operations with truck scale purchases regardless of location. Are you ready to find your next truck scale? We're ready to help!

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Serving the Continental United States

Unlike many truck scale distributors, Truckscale.com serves the entire United States (excluding Hawaii). Our team has the benefit of being located in the heart of the Midwest where we have the ability to deliver truck scales to any region with a quick turnaround. Our team will deliver and install your truck scale and will be ready to answer your questions or help you find a regional service partner for your ongoing maintenance needs.

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Our Products

We proudly offer full-length truck scales, axle-only scales, permanent installations, and even portable (moveable) scales. Whatever your requirements, Truckscale.com has a configuration to meet your need. We offer innovative designs and features that provide consistent accuracy that will always exceed your expectations. At truckscale.com, we understand that purchasing a new truck scale is a significant investment and one that may seem risky. That's why our team will help you 1 of 3 scale is a significant investment and one that may seem risky. That's why our team will help you identify the right weighing system for your needs while helping you identify ways to minimize risk.

Types of Truck Scales Available

Full Length Truck Scales

  • Steel Deck Construction
  • Widths up to 14’
  • 100 Ton Capacity
  • Guardrails Standard

Axle Scale

  • Steel Deck Construction
  • Standard Width of 10’ or 11’
  • Standard Length 10’ or 15’
  • Pit Type or Above Ground Available

Portable (Moveable) Scales

  • Scale to weigh full truck or just axles
  • Fast and Easy setup
  • Above ground installation
  • Easily relocated


  • 2" 4" and 6" digits available
  • Weatherproof
  • Bright LED Display
  • Mount to building or pole


  • Inside Office or Outdoor Printers
  • Time – Date – Weight Printout
  • Ticket or Tape
  • Simple to operate

All Scales include

  • Certified Foundation Drawing
  • Operation Manual
  • Service Manual
  • Local Support
Full Length Truck Scales

If you need to weigh the complete truck at one time, our vehicle scales are designed to provide many years of reliable performance under the most demanding conditions. Our full length truck scale solutions provide superior workmanship and consistent accuracy and longer scale life. With a variety of standard and custom configurations available, we provide you with the exact full length scale to meet your requirements up to 120’ in length.

Axle Scales

Overweight tickets can get expensive. Our Axle Scales can provide you with the piece of mind that your trucks are hitting the road meeting state and federal weight limits. We offer solutions for both in-ground and above ground installation. Easy to use weight displays and print-outs provide you with documentation of your axle weights.

Portable (Moveable) Scales

Sometimes you have just a temporary need for a scale. It may be to spot check axle weights or weigh an entire truck load. Portable Scales give you the flexibility to move the scale when you need to without a lot of hassle. Move your scale from site to site with minimal site work required. Various configurations of length are available to meet your requirements.


Scoreboard or "remote displays" allow the truck driver easy access to viewing the truck weights. LED displays provide an easy to read weight display without having to exit the truck. This is a great accessory item for both driver convenience and safety and can provide digits in 2", 4" or 6". Mounting bracket included can easily adapt to your pole or building installation.


If you need to document your weighing process, a printer is very helpful. This device is typically placed next to the scale readout and can provide a time and date stamp of the weighing transaction along with the weight. Various configurations are available including ticket printer, strip paper printout (like a gas station pump).


Quality Service

With all scales including local support availability, you can have complete confidence in your purchase through Truckscale.com

Local support teams nationwide provide:

  • Installation
  • Parts
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty service

Financial Risk Calculator

Determine if a truck scale is right for you. Verify your incoming and outgoing loads against your records. Truck Scales have an excellent return on investment.